The Retractable Window Grille system combines a classic appearance with a high level of security, ideal for the home or workplace. Available in both standard and insurance approved options, the grilles are designed to keep intruders out, while letting maximum light in, perfect for vulnerable ground floor doors and windows.

These high security window grilles have added structural strength from a specially designed lattice assembly system using high patented grade steel inner-screws. All of the grilles can be powder-coated in a wide range of colours to complement the interior of your home or commercial property.

How do Retractable Window Grilles work?

The Retractable Window Grille system can be easily fitted to the face or within the reveal of a window or door aperture. They are provided with the smallest bunch size available on the market and can be specified in a single or double-sash configuration. Where a clear walk through is required the security grille’s bottom track can be made to fold up.

The window gates incorporate a high grade steel construction in cross ‘X’ lattice as standard and ‘S’ lattice as an insurance approved option.

Insurance Approved Retractable Window Grille

When extra security and strength is required, insurance approved retractable window grilles are the recommended option. They feature a multi-point locking system operated from a single key. Stylish, yet deceptively strong, unobtrusive, essentially maintenance free and easy to use, the insurance approved security grilles offer LPCB certified and approved protection.