Fox Home Security Shutters

Security shutters for your home provide an effective, physical barrier to deter intruders. With vandalism and burglary continuously rising, they offer peace of mind when premises are occupied or vacant.
The shutters can be either installed internally or externally and are both operated from inside your home by swivel belt, manual push up and down or electric operated, each, allowing a quick exit in the event of emergencies.

The domestic use of roller security shutters

For most people, enhanced security doors and windows with security glazing together with a monitored intruder alarm and adequate external lighting will be sufficient to prevent most burglaries. If your home has that level of security already and you have still suffered a burglary or you have extremely valuable possessions then you might want to consider the use of shutters on your doors and windows.

Roller shutters can be lifted and pulled down by hand, cranked by hand or electrically driven.  Your provider will no doubt offer you these choices.  Most are constructed of linked aluminium laths which run up and down tracks on either side of the window or door reveal into a container box.  Most are fairly corrosion resistant and come in a wide variety of colours and finishes. 

For exit doors or patio doors the shutter may be internally or externally opened via a central lock. Locking bars locate into the side guide rails. The neat finish of the security shutters is evident when fitted to your property with their unobtrusive roll-up boxes and maintenance-free powder coated standard colour finishes.

Nowadays there is an increasing need for home and office security. Our ‘domestic’ roller shutters, security lattice or security grilles for your windows and doors is the perfect way to protect your property against burglary or vandalism.

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